We accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Osicka on their new CD and DVD Opatruj, synečku, opatruj vinohrad. The price is 380 CZK. You can order on galan@galan.cz

obal DVD
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Zbyněk (CM Galán) obalka
2020-08-31 13:57
Dear Danny,
thanks for your message. Nice to hear that our music is known also in Germany.
Kind Regards,
Danny Buchberger address
2020-06-19 23:13
"cimbalom" heist es... :)
"cimbalom" it means ... :))
Danny Buchberger address
2020-06-19 23:03
wie heißt das instrument was jakub sibl spielt ?beste grüße aus deutschland
what is the name of the instrument that jakub sibl plays? best regards from germany)

ich liebe den Titelsong von dem Märchen, in deutsch heißt er "Vom Tapferen Schmied"
(I love the title song from the fairy tale in German, it's called "Vom Brave Schmied")

Auf tschechisch heißt das Lied"O statečném kováři"
(In Czech the song is called "O statečném kováři")

Ich freue mich auf eure Antwort :)
(I look forward to your answer :) )
PS:Euer youtube Video "S čerty nejsou žerty" klingt zauberhaft...
(Your youtube video "S čerty nejsou žerty" sounds magical ....)

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