We accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Osicka on their new CD and DVD Opatruj, synečku, opatruj vinohrad. The price is 380 CZK. You can order on galan@galan.cz

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The cimbalom band Galan is a students' band which was founded about in the year 2010. Our aim is to entertain people through the production of the traditional music at the highest artistic level for the wide spectrum of the audience. To fulfil this purpose we will be delighted to play our repertoire at various occasions – celebrations, festivities or just meetings with your friends. In every case we will try to satisfy your requests.

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Before our band was established, we tried to re-establish a traditional cimbalom band at our grammar school in Hodonin, but unsuccessfully. After a short time period we revived this idea and made a second attempt supported by a new band crew. This led to the series of endless auditions. This hard work paid off and we became one of well-known bands which regularly entertain people attending various private and social events as well.

To perform a high-quality music and to ensure the best companionship for you we try to keep a classical full cast forming a cimbalom band – the first and second violin, clarinet, cimbalom, contrabass and viola. In our repertoire we focus not only on our native Podluzi, but also on other parts of Moravia, Slovakia and Hungary.

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